What sets us apart is our patient-centered approach to fracture care. Each injury has unique characteristics. Our team will first perform a thorough evaluation of your injury and then tailor your treatment to your lifestyle and expectations. Regardless of when the injury occurred, the team at SCOTS has expertise in addressing fractures at all stages of healing.

Fracture Care

Our surgeons are fellowship trained and experienced in the treatment of broken bones, whether a simple ankle fracture or a complex combination of fractures involving the pelvis and hip socket.


Sometimes fractures do not heal, whether they’ve been treated with surgery or without. Our expert surgeons will use a creative and patient focused approach to achieving healing.

Malunion & Limb Length Inequality

Fractures do not always heal in anatomic position or length.  We will develop a treatment plan in concert with the demands of your lifestyle to get you back to your life

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Fracture Care

Fractures come in myriad shapes, sizes and patterns. The circumstances, patient and fracture personality are as individual as a finger print. Broken bones frequently result from traumatic events such as a motorcycle crash but simple falls can also cause significant disruption. The lingering effects of a broken bone can cause mental and physical limitations that persist.

Our goal is to hasten recovery and limit the loss of your time. We treat fractures of all types, from acute injuries to infected chronic non healed ones, and address each patient’s needs and expectations to create an individualized plan that aims to achieve recovery in the shortest time possible.

If you have a musculoskeletal injury that is not healing on its own, the expert team at SCOTS can help you get back to your life.