About Us

The Southern California Orthopaedic Trauma Specialists are a group of specially trained orthopaedic surgeons who focus on the holistic treatment of musculoskeletal injuries.

An innovative, individualized approach

Our surgeons are board certified and fellowship trained to treat simple and complex orthopaedic fractures and soft tissue injuries. We use contemporary and innovative techniques to minimize downtime and achieve reliable healing. Every combination of injury and patient are unique and our individualized approach to care takes into account the needs and wishes of each person.

What sets us apart is the thought we put into treating your injury, our creativity, and the customized plan we create. We use proven and contemporary surgical techniques and implants as well as alternative treatment modalities with the goal of achieving the swiftest recovery possible.


Dr. David Friedberg

Dr. Friedberg has been treating complex musculoskeletal injuries at trauma centers in Los Angeles and Orange Counties since 2011. His creative approach to problem solving and his unending curiosity set him apart and prove invaluable to his patients.


Dr. Max Hoshino

Max Hoshino is a board-certified and fellowship trained orthopaedic trauma surgeon. He treats a broad spectrum of traumatic musculoskeletal injuries including both simple and complex extremity fractures, pelvic and acetabular fractures, nonunions, malunions, and post-traumatic/surgical infections.

Back To Your Life

Each person has a different idea of what this means and the team at SCOTS takes this phrase seriously. The only metric that matters is the one gauged against expectations. Whether it’s just being able to take a stroll to the beach or returning to competitive surfing, we will develop a plan along with you to give you every opportunity to achieve your vision.

Having been through injuries as well, the members of our team understand the emotion, pain, and loss of time and production involved in dysfunction. We take your recovery personally and will use our experience and creativity to help you get back to your life.

If you have a musculoskeletal injury that is not healing on its own, the expert team at SCOTS can help you get back to your life.